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Luxury Bag Authentication Workshop

Luxury Bag Authentication Workshop

Luxury Bag Authentication Workshop

There are so many myths about Aima X!

It is the most expensive leather bag in the world, and it has repeatedly set world auction records. Today, the most expensive love horse X bag in history, the asking price exceeds RM 2 million, which is equivalent to carrying a small mansion on the street. There are also rumors that it is hard to find a package, and it takes at least 5 years to wait in line.

Walking on the street, it is not difficult to find that many big-name fake bags are wandering on the street. Therefore, people who like luxury goods are not only afraid of buying fakes, but also afraid that others will steal their bags and replace them, but they don’t know it.

In fact, each big brand has its own means of cracking down on counterfeiting, so how do we distinguish genuine products from counterfeit products?

A training that you can’t miss brand-name bag identification

We are honored to invite international luxury bag identification Master – Chris Chu as our workshop instructor. With many year experience as Auctioneer in Japan and Hong Kong Auction House, he will share on how to authenticate the genuine or imitation luxury bag in most practical way.

Brand to Cover:

Workshop content:
• Introduction of Luxury Bag
• How to Authenticate Luxury Bag
• Luxury Bag Valuation
• Luxury Bag Buying Guideline

Instructor profile
Chris Chu is international reputable luxury bag authenticate master and author for luxury bag authentication in Japan.

• Japan Brand Auction House Chief Auctioneer
• Hong Kong International Auction House Chief Auctioneer
• Ex- Brandoff 70 outlets Chief trainer
• Japan Cross Road Limited consultant
• Hong Kong Portfield consultant
• China ShenZhen customs luxury bag identification trainer
• Luxury Bag Consulatant for Christie’s Auction Hong Kong



Chris Chu

Workshop Gallery


Date: 12 November 2022

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Category: Luxury Bag


Sunway Velocity Designer OTffice Kuala Lumpur