Diamond Authentication Workshop

Diamond Authentication Workshop

A diamond takes tens of thousands of years to form.
Therefore, the famous saying [Diamonds are forever, one will last forever] means that diamonds are precious and rare gems. With the advancement of technology, diamonds can now be made in just a few days!

The biggest challenge in the past was just the need to verify the authenticity of the diamond. The biggest challenge now is to identify whether a diamond is natural or man-made

Not sure about the authenticity of a diamond?
Not sure how to value a diamond?
Confused about how to trade diamonds?

This is a training in diamond identification and valuation that you can’t miss, and you’ll discover the secrets of the trade that the jewelry connoisseur should not tell.

Workshop content:
• How to Authenticate Diamond
• How to Check Diamond Price
• How to Evaluate Diamond Value
• How trader trade Diamond.

Instructor profile
Benjamin Wong, a professional GIA Diamond Graduate, have actively participated in the international Diamond Trading more than 15 years,

With many years of international trading experience, he also provide Appraisal and Evaluation Service of Gemstone for local Jeweler and collector , currently serve as independent Appraiser and Valuer.


Benjamin Wong

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Date: 12 November 2022

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Category: Luxury Bag


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