Luxury Watch Authentication Workshop

Luxury Watch Authentication Workshop

In addition to being a status symbol, famous brand watches have also become popular products for investment and financial management without knowing it, and even a must-have for some bigwigs.

The shortage of supply in the market has created the rise of high imitation watches, and now there are many high imitation watches that claim to be one-to-one. .

A watch training you should not miss

We have prepared more than 100,000 ringgits, the latest and highest imitation versions of genuine and fake watches on the market as teaching topics, from accessories, case, dial, strap to movement, with high-definition data map to analyze step by step, let you You can compare the real and the fake one by one on the spot.

The content of this course focuses on practical experience, and we do not reserve it, so that you can quickly learn Lauries’s watch authenticity and valuation skills.

Brand to cover:

Workshop content:
• Introduction of ROLXX
• ROLXX Watch model description
• Fake Watch Identification
• Brief Watch Valuation

Instructor profile
Chris Yen actively participated in the international watch discussion forums, trading watches internationally, he also co-owned Malaysia Watch Forum and still remain as global moderator until today.

Now, he has been busy administrating the very popular SEARolex (SEA Rolex Watch Owners’ Club) & MyBR0 (Malaysia Bell & Ross Watch Owners’ Club) facebook group he founded few years ago with more than ten thousand of members.

Founder of MYROLEX (Malaysia Rolex Watch Owners' Club)

Chris Yen

Workshop Gallery


Date: 12 November 2022

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Category: Luxury Bag


Sunway Velocity Designer OTffice Kuala Lumpur