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PGO Academy is the first institute to provide one-stop luxury appraisal training for Precious Metal, Diamond, Watches and Handbag in Malaysia. 

Established in 2016, Our Academy gather together leading professional senior appraisers from the world, including American GIA appraisers, Japanese appraiser tutors, Chinese national senior appraisal experts, and Malaysian national inspection agency appraisal experts.

We have complete education materials, and it has always adhered to a pragmatic, pioneering and innovative teaching concept to ensure that every student can quickly master the skills they have learned.

we had conducted more than 250 workshops and trained more than 3000 professional appraisers from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, India, Thailand, China, Russia and etc.



Conducted more than



Trained more than


Professional Appraisers

Participant from International

Complete Education Material

We source the latest high grade imitation in the market

Professional Technical Testing Equipment

The world's most advanced testing equipment

Professional Senior Tutor

Bringing together the leading professional senior intrusctor from international

Provide Online Consultant

Provide online appraisal and valuation support

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