Precious Metal Authentication Workshop

With the support of the government and years of research in the precious metal industry, we have accumulated more than 20 years of experience in gold identification, and with the world’s most advanced identification equipment technology, we will analyze the characteristics and identification methods of fake gold one by one for you. You quickly learn how to identify precious metals.

Luxury Watch Authentication Workshop

In addition to being a status symbol, famous brand watches have also become popular products for investment and financial management without knowing it, and even a must-have for some bigwigs.

Diamond Authentication Workshop

A diamond takes tens of thousands of years to form.
Therefore, the famous saying [Diamonds are forever, one will last forever] means that diamonds are precious and rare gems.

Luxury Bag Authentication Workshop

It is the most expensive leather bag in the world, and it has repeatedly set world auction records. Today, the most expensive love horse X bag in history, the asking price exceeds RM 2 million, which is equivalent to carrying a small mansion on the street. There are also rumors that it is hard to find a package, and it takes at least 5 years to wait in line.